Wind farms

Wind farms are interesting things. On one hand they have merit in generating revenue from feed in tariffs yet on the other hand they are intrusive and unpopular. Opinion seems to be generally against them. My view is they are fine, if offshore and out of sight. I am also clear that we should not blight people’s life without exceptionally good reason. A small amount of revenue does not seem a good enough reason to me.

Some time ago the council signalled that it was prepared to allow wind farms on county land.

When I became leader I promised a debate for my group of elected county councillors. Many of these county councillors are also district councillors. We had that debate and overwhelmingly it was felt that there were enough wind farms in the county and in particular Fenland had done it’s bit.

Today, cabinet decided to not allow any further wind farms on county land. A case of putting people before profit.

We have listened to local people about Gamlingay school, libraries and now wind farms.

Interesting, the Lib Dems complained about the loss of revenue and made an emotional plea about carbon reduction and climate change. No mention of local people, no mention of Fenland, no mention of the noise pollution.

Doesn’t sound very Liberal or Democratic to me. Post cabinet someone suggested a wind farm on Jesus Green in Cambridge. I wonder how that would go down with the city centric Liberal Democrats?

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