Cyclists told: Obey the law if you want to blame drivers

Politics is a fascinating world.

Say something sensible, add a journalist, mix in some arm chair commentators and ensure you question some aspect of a holy of holy like climate change or cycling and stand back. You are sure of a magnificent display of indignation, wild accusations and for certain any truth buried out of sight.

So, just for the record, the truth behind my comments at Cabinet this week on cycling.

Critically, too many cyclists are being hurt on the road and that is not acceptable.

My comments were intended to move the debate on to “all road users” need to obey the rules.

I did not mention any particular group lobby group. I did celebrate that there is a strong cycling lobby in Cambridge and that they should help to encourage cyclists to do the right thing. ( which I know they do already but more can always be done )

I was clear that all road users including cyclists and motorists need to obey the rules. I was also clear that cyclists need to take some personal responsibility for wearing the correct protective clothing, using lights on bikes and not running red lights.

Anyone who wants to see how dangerous a high speed cyclist can be should stand at the bottom of Castle street and watch.

Unfortunately, cycling is becoming a bit like climate change, it should never be challenged for fear of being politically incorrect. I think robust debate around these issues, so that everyone has an increased awareness of the risks and responsibilities, is helpful.

Now what was that recipe for indignation again?

One thought on “Cyclists told: Obey the law if you want to blame drivers

  1. Hi Nick Clarke

    I am producing a documentary for a college project on the topic that this article is on, cyclists and motorists in Cambridge. I am a very keen cyclist, however I do understand that sometimes some cyclists can be the cause of the injuries and problems relating to this article. I would be very interested in interveiwing you for my documentary film, it would be great if you would let me, and it would be a great addition to my film.


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