Climate change Christmas card – how lovely

How exciting. I read in the Cambridge News that Cllr Sarah Whitebread had arranged for a Christmas card for me. I was told that it was signed by 17 eminent pro man made climate change experts.

In fact it was asking me to think again about allowing wind development on county farms which some how, it is claimed, helps to keep Cambridgeshire at the forefront of the green energy revolution. It then goes on to say they hope that I will put the economic vitality of the county before my personal views on climate change.

I certainly do put the economic vitality and the people of Cambridgeshire first. What Cambridgeshire does not need is ever increasing fuel prices and subsidies on green energy production paid for by all of us. Nor do the people of Cambridgeshire need or want outdated, inefficient and unsustainable towering Windfarms spoiling their quality of life.

I think the card was due to arrive for full council last Tuesday but only arrived today. Cllr Sarah Whitebread tabled a motion at full council. I have contended that anyone who speaks and challenges the theory of man made global warming is howled down. That is not good democracy.

Interesting Cllr Whitebread behaved in a predictable hysterical way and accused the person who sent me a 43 page document, with loads of climate change sceptic scientist quotes, as having a mental condition. She was asked to withdraw the remark which she did.

Back to the card. It’s the thought that counts, even if it was late. On the front of the card it has a picture of a wind farm, with Christmas lights, and the very funny caption, let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.

When I stopped laughing ……… I read the card expecting it to be bulging with climate scientists signatures. But hang on a minute. Who do we have here:

A climate change campaigner ( vested interest )
An Environmental campaigner ( vested interest )
A conservation scientist ( getting better, at least a scientist but probably the wrong type if I am a judge of things )
A liaison officer for the Cambridge cycling campaign ( bit of a stretch )

Things must get better I thought. Not too convincing so far. So who else:

Oh no, it’s getting worse. Julian Huppert MP. ( he might have been a scientist but not in the field of climate change to my knowledge. Butterfly mind. Never stays on any subject for longer than the time it takes to twitter about it before moving on to the next event. A serial bobber up and downer in Parliament. )
A concerned father ( interesting and appeals to my softer side but not altogether convincing in terms of the arguments ).
A co-ordinator for Cambridge Carbon Footprint ( vested interest )
A former director of the Friends of the Earth ( enough said )
Director of policy & campaigns, Friends of the Earth ( enough said, I said )
Another Cambridge Cycle Campaigner ( does anyone really believe that cycling in Cambridge will save the planet??? It reduces congestion which is good, keeps people fit which is good but …….. )

And finally four serious scientists but all with vested interests.

Still nice to see a bunch of people with a sense of humour and I wish them all a merry Christmas.

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