Lib Dems – oh dear dear

The trouble with endlessly spinning stories is that you have to get them right all the time. If you get them wrong it could hurt a lot.

I have just been handed a copy of the Liberal Democrats paper (Focus) for the Castle Ward. Belinda Brooks-Gordon has a lot to say in it some of which has amazed me. I hope she has legal protection against libel.

It says ” The Lib Dem Opposition also queried some aspects of the contract that was given to Balfour Beatty to install the Guided Busway – which continues to put County taxpayers’ money at risk”

Balfour Beatty did not build the Guided Busway

It then goes on to say “The same company was then given the job of installing a recycling machine for the county. The wheel of the machine came off – literally – meaning much of our recycling is going to landfill”

Balfour Beatty did not install a recycling machine.

I have know for some time that Lib Dems can’t be trusted but this is ridiculous.

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