Lib Dem – budget amendment – guess number 3

Council tax. We have argued the case for raising council tax by 1.99%. It has been acknowledged by ministers that we have a case for doing this because of our high growth.

So, what will then Lib Dems do? Normally they seek any option that they think will bring them votes even if it is wrong or harms the people of Cambridgeshire. They often change their minds later of course, after votes are caste, like on the subject of tuition fees. That would point to a 0% rise. But that would mean cutting services and probably not leave sufficient money to form endless committees and layers of management they so like. Pet projects would have no money.

So will it be for a big tax increase? Well they would welcome the extra cash, not to mitigate the cuts but to introduce whole new departments to compact climate warming / cooling / changing / altering a bit sometimes. Almost certainly extra cash would be spent on extra cycle ways, but only in Cambridge of course.

This option would require strong leadership, a common purpose, a vision, a ………… Nope I’ve just talked myself out of that one.

So I guess they will follow us and put up council tax by 1.99% although a minor alteration to the 1.99% of about 0.05% for a pet scheme is feasible.

Putting up council tax is a serious issue so I suspect they will duck it and hide behind what we are up to.

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