Lib Dems – Hypocrisy from on high

It is rare for me to be taken aback by anything the Lib Dems say or do. I’m not sure their is anything they won’t do if they see a vote at the end of it or some credit to grab from someone else. But, I did have some hope that at the top of the party something good might exist.

Remember, the Lib Dems have lots of pet projects, normally all about saving the planet, and completely out of touch with reality. Without listing them all the recent decision by the Lib Dems in Cambridge not to support the A14 upgrade because it won’t be good for Cambridge is an example. They don’t like cars, so no road upgrade. A pet project. They would also like me to employ teams of people to manage cycling rather than looking after our elderly.

So reading about Nick Clegg claiming it is Labour and the Conservatives with pet projects is rich.

“The Times reports that Nick Clegg will use a speech today to criticise the Conservatives for wasting millions of pounds on “vanity projects” in a warning to his coalition partners that they will be targeted in the forthcoming council elections. “Despite all their stated differences, a vote for Labour or the Tories will be a vote for the same thing,” Mr Clegg is expected to say. “Their record in local government shows that even when millions of families are feeling the pinch, they’ll both squander taxpayers’ money on waste, inefficiency and their own vanity projects.”
The Times, Page: 13″

I often wonder why all parties claim that ” no one likes a Lib Dem”. I think it is because they would like to be seen as a nice party but are without any moral compass what so ever. The sooner they are finished the better.

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