Andrew Duff MEP – Lib Dem. Is he the most dangerous man in the UK?

Let me start by saying that I think Andrew Duff is a committed politician, honourable and works hard.

But ……….. He is working hard to bring the UK ever closer to a federal Europe. He believes in a United States of Europe. The majority of his fellow EU MEPs, he tells us on a recent tweet, support a federal Europe.

He says “@Andrew_Duff_MEP: ‘A broad majority of MEPs are European federalists – like myself. We need a political union .. a kind of European federation'”

He is seeking this without any reference to the people of our fine land. He has taken it upon himself, with out a any referendum, without even a vote in our own parliament, to press for this false utopia.

We have a proud history. We have the mother of all parliaments, which is sometimes quarrelsome, sometimes wrong, sometimes needs slapping by the electorate but …….. It is our parliament. It is controlled by us, voted for by us and works in the interest of us.

By contrast, the EU, seeks to please 28 countries, all at a different point politically and economically. Some of those countries have laws we don’t understand and don’t want. Some of those countries pay lip service to the rules. Some of those countries seek to dominate the EU. What very few of those countries will care about is the UK.

Our people have never been asked if they want political union with the EU. Quietly spoken politicians like Andrew, have edged us ever closer to this union, step by step, inch by inch, over many years.

This was always the plan. Don’t allow countries to see what is coming. Treat our parliament like a lobster. Turn up the heat slowly rather than dropping us in the boiling water.

We have thrived through world wide trade for centuries. We are part of the Commonwealth with our own Queen as the head. It has a host of trading partners, many in the emerging markets. Our relationship with the US is special and is the biggest market in the world. Our relationship with China is growing stronger by the day.and be under no illusion, the faltering EU needs to trade with us.

We have an independent spirit, a unique and envied way of life, a culture rich with our history.

Andrew seeks to smother all this into a United States Of Europe. This must be resisted at all costs. This is the single biggest threat to our way of life. Not that many years ago it would have been akin to treason.


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