Global warming may help to prevent ice age – oops

Interesting piece. Now, I know this is the Mail and we can’t believe everything we read in the papers but could ………… and I pause before saying this ……..human activity help to save the planet from the next ice age !!!!!

Does that mean the Lib Dems and the Green party will be rushing around switching lights on? Will they condemn electric cars and mock as irresponsible those that use bikes? Could those that drive small fuel efficient cars be derided as selfish?

If nothing else I don’t think human activity can be blamed for the ice age referred to.

I guess, from a non scientific standpoint that climate changes for reasons other than human activity, although if you were to read the mass of science published these days you might be hard pressed to think that. A bit more on solar activity would be good.

I have long held the view that global warming, or it’s new more convenient name of climate change, has taken place forever. The affect of the Sun, tilt of the Earth, volcanic activity, meter orbit strikes et al have all played a significant part in our ever changing weather patterns, over the years.

More recently, science seems to have focused on the affects of man made global warming almost to the point of turning it into a religion. We are all taxed unnecessarily highly as a result, whole parts of society are made to feel guilty if they choose a particular life style and any attempt to bring balance to the argument is met with fierce scorn.

But what if the activity of the sun is the major factor in altering our climate? Are the NSA scientists researching solar activity wrong? Is this piece of research less important or significant than the affects of human activity?

I have not idea but it is clear that it should all be in the mix and a reasonable debate is required.

My fear is that because the human activity warmist brigade have invested so much political capital it seems it is very difficult for an open discussion to be had.

I think it is much wiser to focus more on managing the inevitable consequences of an ever changing climate rather than trying to stop it changing. Sitting on a throne on the beach commanding the tide not to come in will probably result in getting wet.

Stand by for a torrent of abuse to this blog. Predictable and always reinforces my point that open debate on the subject is not allowed even though we all pay.

2 thoughts on “Global warming may help to prevent ice age – oops

  1. “Stand by for a torrent of abuse to this blog.”

    Well, Nick, you know what they say.

    The more flak you’re taking, the closer you’re getting to the target!

    AGW – It’s All Gone Wrong!


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