People power – super fast broadband IS to come to new estate in Papworth Everard

Last night two emails came in that cheered me up immensely.

The first was from Chris Hatfield, the managing director for David Wilson Homes South Midlands who informed me that they have accepted, in principle, an estimate from BT to provide super fast broadband to the Summers Field estate.

The second email was from a Director at BT also letting me know that an agreement had been reached with David Wilson homes.

As you will be aware from my previous blogs this estate was going potentially never going to get super fast broadband. To see a turn around in only a couple of weeks is fantastic news.

Congratulations to David Wilson Homes for listening to customers and being so responsive.

7 thoughts on “People power – super fast broadband IS to come to new estate in Papworth Everard

  1. nice one, thats good to hear. so when are they going to sort this new estate out with super speedy broadband ?


    • Hi Jeff,

      Not sure yet. The commercial answer is 7 -9 months but I am hopeful that it will be earlier. Should still be ahead of most in rural Cambridgeshire.

      Im just pleased we are now in the plan!!!!


  2. Thanks Nick, 7 to 9 months seems like an awful long old time for punters to wait to get proper broadband,but yes I guess being sorted is main thing, with any luck BT will hurry up getting there tools out & get it done sooner!


  3. Just looking to see if there were any updates. Openreach has the nearest exchange down as now accepting orders, but not for us poor sods it seems.


  4. Hi Nick. Firstly thanks for your effort with this! I had no idea this was going on otherwise I would have been first in line to help out. I’m sure this will also be greatly appreciated by fellow residents of the Summersfields estate.
    Do you know of any further updates, or perhaps who would be good to get in contact with to keep up-to-date?


    • Hi Rich, I still have very good contacts at the CCC who are keeping me up to date. As soon as I hear anything I will blog.

      Interestingly I spotted two BT vans near the entrance of the estate this morning and vans at the exchange. Cross fingers.


  5. Excellent news about the Broadband being accepted. I don’t know who we are surviving on 1mb….I saw another van at the top of the road this yesterday morning…I hope they can get this moving as quick as possible…

    Crossing my fingers too Nick (by the way – thanks for keeping us updated – Good work)


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