Climate change in the news again today – asked onto BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this evening

I have made my views on climate change nee global warming well known. Others have not heard what I have said, or choose not to so let me spell out my concerns again.

Firstly, it is ridiculous that anyone who in any way questions anything about climate change, it’s cause, consequences or cost is shouted down, often in a very unpleasant way. Debate and freedom of speech is something that must be upheld.

The Climate has changed for ever. In the Victorian era the Thames used to freeze over. We have had ice ages and much warmer times. I don’t pretend to understand all the evidence but I do believe our weather patterns change and will continue to do so.

Turning off the odd light or walking to work makes very little if any difference to climate change. Why? Well when China continues to ever expand its coal fired power stations and we continue to chop down our rain forests our local efforts can only be marginal.

We need to focus on dealing with the consequences of climate change. Stop building on flood plains, improve flood defences put electrical sockets half way up the wall.

Many Green initiatives might make us feel as if we are doing something but make us dangerously complacent. The recent floods in Somerset highlight this only too well. In the misguided attempt to help birds rivers were not dredged resulting in massive flooding which harms humans and ……. Birds.

The cost of green taxes is huge. Energy is priced higher than it needs to be. This means our own industries have less money to spend on R&D to mitigate climate change.

It is right that politicians should balance the science with consequences and cost.

Climate change is not a religion.

Carbon fuels will run out so we need to find alternatives. Reducing carbon use saves money so it is a good thing but saving the planet is a falsehood. The planet will survive.

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