Labour – playing politics with Pfizer. No idea how international business works

Yesterday, Ed Miliband once again raised the proposed Pfizer bid to take over AstraZeneca.

We are clear that our most important objective is to back and secure British jobs, British science, British research and development, British medicines and British technology.

Britain benefits massively from being a country that is open to investment from across the world and today Britain has a higher level of inward investment than the whole of the EU combined. By making sure the UK is open for business we are allowing British companies to expand and compete across the world and are helping to create thousands of new jobs so more hardworking people can enjoy greater financial security and peace of mind.

Labour by contrast, rather than acting in the national interest and working to protect British jobs, are only interested in playing politics. They did nothing in government to protect Britain’s national interest when there were takeovers and virtually destroyed the British economy. It’s the same old Labour.

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