Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg accused of being a liar – shock, horror

Lib Dems are so political they will try anything and waste everyone’s money to try and win votes. A once proud protest party corrupted by power.

In his first full interview since quitting as Mr Gove’s special adviser in January, Cummings spoke to Simon Walters.

Cummings: ‘Clegg launched the free school meals policy on the back of a fag packet, then lied about it. Clegg let Cameron announce the marriage tax allowance.

In return, Clegg got school meals. That’s how the Coalition works.
‘We spent ten weeks telling Clegg and co the whole idea was insane, to no avail.

‘Then he said he was announcing the budget for the scheme in 24 hours, because he had media interviews booked.

Michael’s officials told him his figures were “untrue”. Clegg ignored it.

Millions of taxpayers’ money went down the drain. In January, the DfE had to do a secret deal with the Treasury to fiddle the numbers to cover up Clegg’s lies.’

MoS: What happened after the MoS story about Booktrust getting £12million because of Miriam Clegg’s links to the charity?

Cummings: ‘We were told Clegg was furious and had ordered a hardcore leak inquiry involving police. We said “fine by us”. Then we were told there would be no leak inquiry at all.’

MoS: Did you see emails referring to Miriam’s links with Booktrust?

Cummings: ‘Yes. It is just like the dispute over school meals. ‘Clegg uses his authority as Deputy PM to stamp his feet, makes up figures, then lies.’

MoS: Why are you speaking out now?

Cummings: ‘Because I’m fed up with people like Clegg blowing taxpayers’ money on vanity projects.’

MoS: Do Gove and Clegg really hate each other?

Cummings: ‘Michael thought Clegg was a decent bloke, but he repeatedly interfered with schools for political motives.

Staff around him openly said they were interfering as part of their strategy for recovering after the collapse in his popularity over his tuition fees U turn.’

MoS: Why does Clegg call you a ‘loopy ideologue’?

Cummings: ‘He is furious his methods are being revealed.’

MoS: Why hasn’t Cameron stopped all this?

Cummings: ‘If he won’t dare bin the Coalition, he should park Clegg in a corner where his desperate rampages can’t vandalise policy and waste money.’

One thought on “Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg accused of being a liar – shock, horror

  1. I also hear Clegg pushed through tax cuts for lower earners even though Cameron said the policy was unaffordable. Not only that but it was Clegg’s fault that the 50% income tax rate was only cut to 45%. Because of the billions spent on tax cuts for low earners those of us on high earnings are getting no reduction in our own tax bills.

    I look forward to a Conservative government that gets back to cutting tax on higher earners and stops this nonsense on low earners.

    And I agree with you that this stupid policy of free school meals should be scrapped. Maggie was right when she scrapped free school milk. we should not have free school meals.


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