Papworth and broadband

I’m reliably informed that BT engineers have been surveying the Summerfields Estate and carrying out the prep work to install broadband.

On Friday there were some BT Openreach vans near the entrance of Summersfield. The engineers were asked by a number of people from the estate if their work was related to fibre broadband on the estate and they said yes it was.

They said it was just the initial surveying and prep work they were doing & said they will be back soon working on and off here over the coming weeks/months.

They were hoping fibre broadband would be ready in approx. 3 to 4 months as not too much work was required.

Fingers crossed.

33 thoughts on “Papworth and broadband

  1. Hi. Do you know if this roll-out will be for all the houses within Summer fields? Even those which are yet to be finished in the Barratts Phase 3 development?

    I’m currently buying one of those houses which is due for completion in August. So I was really hoping i’d be able to get BT Infinity.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Gareth. My understanding is that it will be fibre to the cabinet rather than the premises so as long as you can get a phone line you should be ok. Both the Barratt and David Wilson homes are included.

      Good luck with the move. It is a very pleasant place to live.


      • Hi NIck,

        Just (finally!) moved to Summersfield. Although we’re very happy with the house and the lovely are, we’re just as frustrated with the slow speeds as everyone else is.

        Is there anything that any of us can do to speed up the process at all? Is there anyone we can contact/bug to try and make things go a bit quicker, or is it just a question of sitting and waiting? As I work from home, I’m well placed to put in lots of phone calls to people if there’s a chance it’ll get us all connected quicker.

        Thanks for keeping us all updated with all the information you get though – most appreciated!


  2. Hi! I have also just bought a house on the David Wilson phase 3 development (due for completion in August 2014) and am seriously concerned about the lack of a decent internet connection as I frequently use Skype video for out of hours/international business calls. We currently live in London and enjoy Virgin and speeds of 120-150mb/sec – so the sub 1mb/sec speeds mentioned on various forums are very worrying. I too am happy to join in on the lobbying if it will help speed this up. Gone are the days when internet was a novelty – its an essential service for some of us. Any updates would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, David


  3. I’ve also seen Virgin Media vans in the area and got talking to one of them who have confirmed that they too will be rolling out their broadband to the village in the next few months. I think i’ll wait so before signing up to BT as they offer a 152mbps service which is double BT’s


    • Dear Stanley, it would be surprising, but marvellous, if Virgin will be rolling out cable in the village. During the bidding process for the County wide broadband initiative Virgin made it clear they had no intention to roll out any more fibre for the foreseeable future. Things may have changed of course. Much more likely, that as with all providers it will be using the cable being installed by BT.


    • Correct, although you see lots of Virgin Media vans as just near Shilpas hidden behind some gates with razor wire and cameras is a Virgin Media hub. Its been there for years and year and is a big part of Virgin media’s infrastructure. There has been cable ducting in Papworth for at least 10 years and there are green boxes that look a little like rectangular beehives all around the village which are cable boxes but are empty. Looks like after all this time they have decided to start actually rolling out cable, took BT Infinity to arrive first though…..which by the way is not that great, numerous speed issues and dropped connections for me.


    • Hi David, yes David Wilson Homes have let a contract with BT. I am expecting the work to be carried out in October.


    • Yes, I saw them too!

      At last we have real high speed broadband coming in to the village – no BT copper wire rubbish. Hopefully it will encourage some competion which can only be good for us all.


      • I spoke with them earlier as they are in Wood Lane putting blowing the fibre in. They are laying fibre to the premises, they showed me one of the connections ready to go into a house and expect a 300Mbps connection.


      • 300Mb!!! That’s interesting, so this isn’t going to be Virgin’s standard broadband as I think their existing network is based on fibre to the cabinet. Although, I’ve just checked their website and can only see a max speed of 152Mb …. I’m not complaining, I’d be happy with 100Mb and Virgin seems to have actual speeds much closer to the sold speed than most offer providers.


      • We currently have Virgin fibre to our house (in London) and its rated at 1gb max – but the speed is set at 152mb currently (we easily get 130+ most times at non peak). Over the past 3 years, its been upgraded by 20mb a year…

        We move into Summers Field in 4 weeks… banking on this all happening asap. 1-3mb…


    • Interesting read if true… To be honest I would be happy not having to pay for a phone line at £15 a month. Just broadband is a better option for me as I never use my fixed line phone these days – always on the mobile.

      6 weeks isn’t long to wait!


  4. Bad news. See below for the response I got from Virgin Media. I guess I have to be patient and wait for BT.


    Thank you for your enquiry regarding Virgin Media providing digital services at your home.

    Unfortunately for us to make this area serviceable with digital services would be too expensive and would cost more than our current budget allows, so therefore cannot be considered to be upgraded by our infill activity at this time.

    As we find new ways of serving areas such as this that are outwith the existing network, we will look at your request further and may be able to include this in build programmes in future years. However at this time, we will not be able to provide cable service to this area.

    I appreciate this is not good news, but be assured our team will continue to look for other solutions that may help us achieve this in the future.

    Best regards

    The Cablemystreet Team
    Virgin Media | 1 South Gyle Crescent Lane , Edinburgh EH12 9EG


    • Now an non generic response from Virgin.
      Interesting that they asked Barratt and David Wilson and it was down to them stopping Virgin providing services here. Wonder what their reasons were?

      Thank you for your enquiry to cable my street.

      Unfortunately l have very disappointing news. We were not able to secure the permission from Barratt and David Wilson Homes required to excavate the pavements within your development and therefore our services will not be provided to your home as part of the project currently underway in Papworth.

      I am so very sorry that l cannot give you better news.

      Kindest regards


      The Cablemystreet Team


      • Could be something to do with the 20k DW paid for us to get BT fibre installed (still waiting for this). Maybe they got a reduced rate by saying they would say ‘no to other contractors’? Just a thought…


      • I’m not sure what hurts more? The fact that the email from Virgin Media is so sincere and politely apologetic (very unlike anyone I’ve spoken to at BT) or that it’ sound so very final and that we’ll never get decent broadband because we’re stuck with BT.

        I do think there’s a lot more that goes on behind closed doors between DW and BT than we’ll ever know or DW lacks basic technology understanding.


      • Hi Stan,
        Their is no reason we should not be getting good broadband soon. The last time I dealt with Virgin they told me they did not expect to be laying new fibre except enabling where infrastructurewas already in place. My understanding is that they had ducting available and unused in Papworth, which is what they are populating. Any new estate would not have that of course unless Virgin decide to start laying fibre again more widely.

        Our estate not having broadband is cock up rather than conspiracy although DWH should have grasped the need for broadband much earlier.


      • Interestingly I have been in contact with Mark Clare (CEO of Barratt PLC) and Richard Brooke (MD for South East) on another issue… Ironically my colleagues wife works for Mark. I won’t go into detail but he resolved some rather serious issues in 24 hours and opened the path to the village after our little ‘issue’. Would it not make sense for a few of us (those interested shout) getting together on this and I can leverage some contacts while I have access?


      • There is now a new green fibre cabinet in place just to the right of the entrance of Summersfields development on Ermine street so BT are clearly making progress.


      • Yes, I noticed that yesterday. Broadband might just be coming ……………


  5. Hello!

    Any update on the Summerfields BT Infinity installation?

    I’ve seen some BT Openreach people near a green cabinet just within the entrance of Summerfields. Not sure if the green cabinet is new or not.

    Still they were messing with a load of cables, which looked promising!




  6. We moved in at the end of August and can’t even get a BT phone line! Anyone have any tips or contacts?


  7. Is there any update at all on what is happening with fibre for Summers Field? I spoke with three different BT departments last week. One told me that the exchange wasn’t enabled (it is!), another told me that I could order fibre (I can’t) and the third gave me links to the areas of their site that showed me the answers to what the first two people had said. Absolutely useless!

    Virgin have rolled out Gigabit fibre to 100 homes in the bottom of the village quicker than two national house builders and a major telecommunications company can pull twenty grand together and put a cabinet in.

    We are now seven months further down the line without the sight of a single byte of data coming down any fibre at Summers Field.


  8. Hi all,

    has anyone heard anything since October about BT Infinity? we keep hearing small bits of info but nothing solid.

    we moved in over 2 years ago and yet we still have 1Mbps broadband and little to no phone signal?

    any info would be great.




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