Cambridge United Youth and Community Trust – in the premier league

Last night I attended a fund raising gala dinner at the the Abbey Stadium. It was to celebrate mission 676 which involved Jez George, the Director of Football, walking to every Premier League ground – a total of 26 marathons in 26 days.

We watched some great footage of Jez, often in pain but always with a big smile and as much optimism as anybody you will find. He arrived in time for the gala dinner and was looking forward to a hot shower at the club, after enduring numerous ice baths, only to find the hot water had been switched off. Not all plans work as well as the plan that had Cambridge United promoted back into the football league.

Steve Judge was the inspirational speaker and impressed. A great demonstration of determination against the odds.

The players all seemed to enjoy the fun and took an active part in the auction with most items going for many hundreds of pounds.

I enjoyed a chat with Dave Doggett, the Chairman. We had set up some joint working between the county and the club particularly in the area of troubled families. I need to check up on progress as I fear it might have stalled. Jez and Dave want to follow up in the near future.

I bumped into a number of people I used to know from from my time at the council and had a chance to catch up. To finish off a brilliant night I was a winner in the raffle.

Many thanks to my hosts for the evening.

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