English football

Watching the World Cup final and contemplating why England consistently fail to make progress I wonder if our own FA is the reason?

English football teams seem to be filled with players who are not English. Whilst it is fantastic that the English Premier League is seen as such a a great place to play the huge number of non English players mean that our home grown players don’t get a chance to play at the highest levels.

Worse, the valuable experience of playing for the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United is enjoyed and acts as a training ground for overseas players.

So on one hand our lads are not getting the experience and on the other our international competitors are benefiting.

The argument for overseas players playing in the English Premier League is that our clubs want the very best to compete on the world stage. That equates to revenue from competing in Europe and TV rights.

But, is this at the cost of our national team? Perhaps clubs could be limited to the number of international players?

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