Cambridge Conservatives selecting MP candidate

It was pleasing to see we have had to many high quality applications to become the Conservative PPC for Cambridge.

A real good mix of locals, academics, lawyers and business owners. Great to see an even split of male and female applicants and a mix of people from our multicultural society.

We have got this mass of applications down to a long list of very exciting possibilities.

On Sunday the Executive Council select, from our long list, a short list of candidates. We will carry out a series of interviews to better understand the candidates and how they would represent all the people of Cambridge.

Next Friday the short list will be interviewed by the whole Cambridge Conservative Association and a final choice will be made.

3 thoughts on “Cambridge Conservatives selecting MP candidate

  1. Would be nice if people who wouldn’t dream of joining the party but who would vote Conservative for the right candidate were involved in the process. After all, they are the people you need if you’re going to win. Cambridge seems like an ideal place for an open primary.


    • Yes, the Conservatives are keen on primaries where other parties are not. Unfortunately, despite us wanting to run a primary i’m afraid time was against us. Whilst it is the local Conservative association who makes the decision, even in an open primary, central office also have a role during the process. Given the significant number of candidates to be selected, across the country, it just became impractical to run a primary in all seats.

      The good news is we have a great set of candidates to choose from.


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