Cambridge Conservatives choose candidate to stand as MP

It was my privilege to chair the Special General Meeting of the Cambridge City Conservative Association tonight. This was the climax to a long process.

We started off advertising the post and then sifted down  the many, many applications to just 8. Last Sunday the Executive Committee interviewed all eight and narrowed this down to a short list who were interviewed today by the whole of our association.

DIA_9104 small

All the candidates were excellent which shows how well Cambridge is thought of. Interestingly, we had a great mix of candidates with females dominating the final short list.

Chamali has been campaigning in Cambridge for some time. I have met her, and her very supportive parents, many times and have been impressed by her energy, passion and determination to win. She is clearly bright and an effective advocate, which is why she is a successful barrister I guess.

I know she is off hunting for accommodation in Cambridge this weekend as she intends living here right away. But not before she is on BBC radio Cambridge at 0715 tomorrow morning. Please listen out for her.

One interesting fact from the past is that she used to be a senior Lib Dem before seeing the light. We will hear more of this over the coming weeks, I’m sure.

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