Garden party last night to thank supporters and to introduce our new PPC

Last night we had a fantastic garden party on the banks of the Cam. I was given the opportunity to thank our supporters and helpers for all their efforts.

I was also able to introduce our new Cambridge City Conservative team. Some of what I said I reproduce below.

“Let me introduce John Hayward, our deputy chairman political. John has a lot of experience campaigning in Kent and more recently in Cambridge. John will be key to managing our campaigning moving forward. If you want to get more involved and I encourage you to then he is your contact.

You all know Linda, of course, well she is our deputy responsible for fund raising and membership. Linda is passionate about our association and raising money for it. I thought I saw a tear or two in her eyes when she realized this was a free event. Please support all her hard work raising as much money as we can.

Next up is Stephen Howarth who as of last week has volunteered to take over as treasurer. I say volunteered but… It is a perfect moment to thank James Strachan, our previous treasurer. James worked tirelessly for this association in just about every post this is for 38 years and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

Then of course we have Sarah Carrick our constituency coordinator. Sarah is a paid officer and as her title says coordinates and manages much of the procedural activity including elections.

Providing top cover and keeping me out of trouble is our President Richard Balfe. Richard, as a member of the House of Lords is an invaluable conduit into Parliament and our party hierarchy.

And now I turn to our newest member of the team.

Last night we selected Chamali Fernado as our prospective parliamentary candidate. She is an exciting find and someone who can help snatch this city back. Chamali is a top notch candidate who I have every faith in.”

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