Labour wants a death tax of 15% on top of inheritance tax of 40%

Labour has resurrected plans for a 15 per cent “death tax” to pay for people’s care in old age.

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said he wants Labour to “embrace” a system where social care is funded by imposing another tax on estates when people die.

This is not a new Labour idea. They planned to bring in a 10 per cent levy on estates to pay for social care before the 2010 general election but realised it would not be popular.

At the Fabians Summer Conference in June, Mr Burnham said he was personally in favour of a new tax on estates.

Labour is holding “internal party discussions” about imposing the controversial tax. Hardworking families will be forced to sell the modest family home to pay the “death tax”.

Families, on low to medium incomes often have grown up children living at home. A house worth £150,000 would result in the children having to find an extra £22,500 in tax. Who has that sort of money? Would the children then be evicted?

Labour have not changed. They continue to want to spend your money even when you die.

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