Boris Johnson – returning to parliament

I’ve just had a great chat with Chris Mann on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire about Boris Johnson’s decision to stand as an MP.

Speculation abounds as to where he will stand with South Cambs one of the options.

He will be a great asset in parliament. In the coming general election it will be a straight race between Conservatives and Labour. UKIP and Lib Dems will be a distraction.

Conservatives want to continue to reduce debt and to build on the recovering economy. They want reform of public services focusing on improving outcomes for sure and reducing the cost.

Labour want to spend more of your money, increase tax and borrow yet more. They see large public services, however inefficient or poor, as an end in its own right. This will slow the economy down and would be a disaster.

Where ever Boris stands I wish him well and welcome him as a star striker in the Conservative team.

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