Changes to voting registration rules – a helpful step?

Voters used to be registered under the household or if a student by the bursar of the college they attend.

The rules have recently changed so that individuals must now register themselves. Given that students can register at home or where they study this is an interesting development.

Where will they register or will they register at all? Places like Cambridge have a significant student population so it could have a huge impact.

A lot of students used to vote Lib Dem, until the Lib Dems double crossed them on tuition fees. Perhaps less will vote in Cambridge under the new rules.

It is in the nature of students that they tend to steer away from perceived establishment parties like the Conservatives. So could this chafe in regulation further eat into the Lib Dem vote? Probably, and it should also affect the Labour vote.

Interesting times. At the current odds being given on Conservatives a small wager seems to be attractive.

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