Papworth and broadband

It seems that despite lots of excitement over the possibility that Virgin might be laying fibre in Papworth, the Summersfield estate is yet again left off the plan.

My sources tell me this is a cost issue and fits with my understanding of Virgin being reluctant to lay new fibre, unless they already have trunking in place.

So we are left with the deal struck between David Wilson Homes and BT. This should be fine, it’s in the plans, but …….. the original timeline of October seem to have gone west. It may be by the end of the year or possibly next year.

So frustrating.

5 thoughts on “Papworth and broadband

  1. Is it worth contacting Virgin Media about the 300 homes they will be missing. Competition is no bad thing and may even get BT moving quicker? Perhaps showing interest as a large group could have some reward.


    • It might be Steve but I would’t hold your breath. I think this is about Virgin capitalising on old existing ducts that they own but have not used rather than putting in any new ones. A case of mopping up revenue for a previous investment.


  2. Noooo! That’s awful news. How is that even possible. Are we able to get a concrete response from BT? I was involved in the Cambourne BT Infinity race, and I managed to get updates directly from a lady at BT, who was representing the area.

    We need to show BT how unpopular this delay will be, or they’ll continue to treat us like dirt.


    • Hi Gareth. I don’t think BT are treating us like dirt. In fact I am very grateful that they have included us in the plan at this late stage. Many parts of our County are not due to roll out until the end of next year. We have all the contacts we need within BT and the county Council.


  3. I now have had a non generic response from Virgin.
    Interesting that they asked Barratt and David Wilson and it was down to them stopping Virgin providing services here. I wonder what their reasons were? Perhaps we could put pressure on them as before?

    Especially now Virgin are trialing 1Gb connections (fastest in the UK) in Papworth:

    Thank you for your enquiry to cable my street.

    Unfortunately l have very disappointing news. We were not able to secure the permission from Barratt and David Wilson Homes required to excavate the pavements within your development and therefore our services will not be provided to your home as part of the project currently underway in Papworth.

    I am so very sorry that l cannot give you better news.

    Kindest regards


    The Cablemystreet Team


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