Papworth Summers field estate broadband update

I have been in contact with the senior officer, at the county council, who is responsible for the broadband rollout project. Our cabinet falls outside of the Connecting  Cambridgeshire programme because it is privately funded by David Wilson Homes which makes it slightly harder to get information.

However,  I am reliably informed that the fibre cabinet will be installed in November.

The council have checked the planning notices and can see that the survey work has been completed, a location has been identified for the cabinet and it is expected that the preparation work for the installation will start soon.

I am pleased that things are moving along and grateful to David Wilson Homes, BT and the County Council for taking pragmatic steps to ensure our estate will not be left out.

Now we must wait.

8 thoughts on “Papworth Summers field estate broadband update

  1. Some information regarding Virgin Media – having seen Virgin Media laying fibre cable in the centre of Papworth, I recently contacted them to enquire if they would be installing on Summersfield.

    I have received a response saying that there is an active project in Papworth Everard however until the Summersfield streets have been adopted by the local council, Virgin are unable to install fibre. Virgin are trying to seek a solution with the builders to include Summersfield in the project, but they had no further information at that current time.

    Not sure of the timescales for the streets to be adopted by the council, but thought would update with this information.


  2. While we wait for BT… turns out it was down to Barratt and David Wilson that Virgin aren’t coming to Summers Field.

    Here’s my most recent response from Virgin after the announcement of the 1Gb trial in Papworth

    Thank you for your enquiry to cable my street.

    Unfortunately l have very disappointing news. We were not able to secure the permission from Barratt and David Wilson Homes required to excavate the pavements within your development and therefore our services will not be provided to your home as part of the project currently underway in Papworth.

    I am so very sorry that l cannot give you better news.

    Kindest regards


    The Cablemystreet Team


  3. Hi Nick,

    Is the cabinet still on track to be ungraded in November? Also, realistically how long does it take between upgrade start and ability to actually have this connection in my home?


  4. That’s very short sighted of David Wilson & Barratt. Perhaps we need to make representations to their management to get an explanation as to why they were unwilling to co-operate with Virgin.


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