Conservatives in Cambridge deliver over 36000 leaflets over the weekend

Our newly selected Prospective parliamentary candidate, Chamali Fernando, led a huge posse of Conservative activists over the weekend in delivering over 36000 leaflets.

Feed back on the doorstep was fantastic.

It is so pleasing to see so many people starting to put a hand up and say ” I want to help and get involved”.

I have taken so many calls from Cambridge City folk who want to give a hand returning the City to Conservative hands. This is not ideology nor tribal. It seems much more to do with not wanting Labour to be allowed to wreck the economy again and at long last the Conservatives in Cambridge are a credible force.

For too long people have voted tactically for Lib Dems to keep Labour out. Now that the Lib Dems are so unpopular and with a growing and strengthening Conservative party it seems a vote for Conservatives is not a wasted vote.

And this is just the start.

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