Scottish business leaders have been making the economic case for keeping the Union

Next week, the people of Scotland will make a momentous decision on the future of the United Kingdom. The Conservative message to the Scottish people is simple: ‘We want you to stay’.

But where we offer clarity, those who support separation offer only question marks. Just six days away from the referendum, they are still unclear on what money Scotland could use without the pound sterling.

The plan for Scotland to enter the EU is a blank page. The formula for filling the £6 billion black hole in the public finances is a blank space.

While a Yes vote may be a lucky dip, a No vote is a guaranteed win for anyone who wants a stronger, more autonomous Scotland.

The choice is clear: a leap into the dark with a Yes vote, or a brighter future for Scotland by voting No.

That means remaining part of a United Kingdom, standing tall, forging a more secure future in the world, and building more opportunities for our children and grandchildren and the generations yet to be born.

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