Scotland remains part of UK – now let’s drop devo max

It seems the people of Scotland have recognised the benefits of remaining in the UK.

The financial benefits, the security, and the removal of many, many uncertainties have proven to be more persuasive than the heady excitement of going it alone.

I guess if the facts had stacked up the other way things would have been different. But they are not.

Now it is time to sort a few things out. For too long the Barnett formula has not been fit for purpose. It has funded Scotland too highly compared to England and must change. English voters are restless about funding the noisy Scots.

The last minute devo max concept must be dropped. I’ll conceived, I’ll thought through and without any democratic mandate it needs dropping.

A cool, calm analysis, not promises of financial party bags to appease Mr Salmond, is what is needed from tomorrow and onwards.

Many Tory backbenchers, who have already demanded an English Parliament, believe the devo max” policy was “not thought through” and many of their constituents felt it was unfair.

James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire, said: “Talk about feeding an addiction. The more you give them, the more they want, and we would be back with calls for independence within a decade or sooner.” He added: “For too long the rights of 55m English have been subordinated to the shouting of 4.5m Scots. That must end.”

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, said he would not vote for the “devo max” deal under any circumstances. “It was done in a panic when the polls narrowed,” he said. “I’m certainly not prepared to give a blank cheque to Scotland that my constituents will have to pay “.

Now, what’s the other referendum we need to sort out?

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