Taking stock – refocusing on communities rather than party.

I entered politics,, by accident, in May 2009 when I was elected for the first time as a county councillor. My mates on the Police Authority, where I sat as an independent member, convinced me to stand for elected office.

In two short years I became the Leader of the county council and set out to run the council in a business like fashion. It was a fascinating time and one I really enjoyed.

It was stimulating to be able to push through projects, like the new station in Cambridge, the Ely bypass, superfast broadband across the county, the crossing at Whittlesee and the A14 widening scheme.

I also enjoyed setting the budget against a backdrop of reduced funding whilst still keeping libraries open and services functioning. It was getting tough and is tougher still today.

I was asked to take on the Chairmanship of the Cambridge Conservatives which I did last February. Interestingly, I have discovered that being overly political has reduced my ability to get things done. Leading a tribe is ok up to a point but it does mean that their is a real danger of being tribe focused rather than community focussed, which is where all this started for me.

Recently, I stood down as Chairman of Cambridge Conservatives. I had helped to recruit a strong management team and a new PPC. Now it is time to move on.

I now want to return to community issues and see where I can bring my skills and experience to help improve things for the people of Cambridgeshire.

I guess it is interesting to reflect that I believe I can do more good outside of mainstream politics than I can within.

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