David Wilson Homes – customer care, could do better!

We have lived in the David Wilson Homes in Papworth for two years. Part of the attraction of a new home is the warranty. In David Wilson Homes case this is a whopping 5 year warranty on everything, including appliances.

When we moved in, the on site customer care was magnificent. Nothing was too much trouble. I wish customer care after the first couple of months was as good. In fairness, everyone I have spoken to has been pleasant but ………..

I have faults that were reported 18 months ago unsolved. Tradesmen come, diagnose the fault and then disappear with promises of rectification.  I have lost count the number of times I have called the customer care department. Each time I ask for an update on all my snags and each time I am promised it will be fixed.

What seems to be missing is a customer focused approach. It feels that unless the customer does the chasing nothing happens. There doesn’t appear to be a service level agreement with suppliers or customers. What can we expect in terms of service? At the moment I don’t expect very much and am regularly disappointed.

Anecdotally, I am told others experience the same issues.

Today I wrote to Chris Hatfield, the MD of David Wilson Homes South Midlands, who we come under.  If you remember he was the same chap who took on the challenge of providing broadband by letting a contract with BT.

I will post on this blog the letter I sent together with any replies. I am expecting some action.

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