Interesting call from Mark Turner – customer service executive David Wilson Homes

Mark Turner called to go through my perception of David Wilson Homes customer services. He listened well, took on board my concerns. He then went on to say that my issues were not common as he doesn’t get many of these sort of complains or telephone calls. I explained that most people don’t have the time to engage in the way that I am doing and frankly many people have low expectations of customer care.

I did say that I would make this issue more widely known and I would encourage any of you with issues to contact Mark who will be grateful for the feed back.

His details are below.

Mark Turner

Customer Service Executive

David Wilson Homes South Midlands

1a Fortune Close | Riverside Business Park | Northampton | NN3 9HT

Telephone: 01604 784000 Fax: 01604 784896

2 thoughts on “Interesting call from Mark Turner – customer service executive David Wilson Homes

  1. Hi Nick, Thanks for sharing your experience over the past few posts.
    I moved recently into the Summers field development about 10 months ago and have had no end of issues with DWH.
    Some of the initial snagging items discovered when moving in are still outstanding. For the initial few months, the site team were pretty good at fixing the obvious issues but as time went on I uncovered more issues and then at that point site didn’t want to know and “referred” me to customer care who is just a voice at the end of the phone.
    I am now currently in a position where random tradesmen are calling me up on a weekly bases asking when they can come round to pain the room, fix the sink etc… meaning I have to take mornings or days off work. On two occasions the wrong parts were ordered so he walked away without doing anything.

    The last guy to leave was a painter who spent three days in the property patching up what he called “incredible bad plastering” and should be the DWH fixing this and not him.

    My general impression is that DWH rush to do whatever they can get completion on the house (to make their books look good) and then deal with the complaints/tidy-up after that fact. Of course all of this comes at the cost of inconvenience and pain for the home owner.

    I will indeed contact Mark with my issues.


  2. Mark Turner appears to regularly state that people’s complaints are not common. He listens well but does very little on tHe customer services front. It looks to me that he is a fact finder for the legal team.

    DWH have been useless on the Greenacres development in St Ives where a number of families have had severe disruption with no recompense due to DWH failure to meet basic building standards.

    I continue to engage with them on a regular basis. My confidence is slowly ebbing away.


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