Letter to MD of David Wilson Homes on customer care

Dear Chris,

I hope you are well. We are all sitting crossing our fingers that the broadband will be installed soon. Residents are very grateful for you letting a contract with BT.
I would like to make you aware of another issue, customer service.
When we all bought our houses the five year warranty was a key factor in choosing David Wilson Homes. Customer service from the site management team, directly after moving in was exemplary.
Unfortunately, my experience of customer service subsequently has been very poor at best. Many other residents echo my experience.This is hurting your reputation and reduces you to just any other builder.
In short, issues are reported and then not fixed. Customer expectations are not managed and they are not kept informed. Customer service seems to depend on customers continualy badgering the customer service department, which is wasteful of resource and creates a poor impression.
I have reported faults as long ago as 18 months and they have not been fixed. I have never received a call from customer services proactively managing any of the issues. It feels that every time I call then something is chased up only to fall away again later. When someone comes out to look at a problem the fixing part does not get done and no one keeps me informed as to progress. Everything relies on me contacting customer services and it feels like who ever calls last gets the service.
May I be so forward as to suggest some improvements? Firstly, change the culture from reactive to proactive. The issues need to be owned by the customer services team not the customer. To do this your customer service agents need to have systems in place that monitor activity and alert them to over due issues. Customer services should be making calls to customers updating on progress, setting expectations and ensuring the very best possible outcomes for the customers.
Create service level agreements between DWH and customers and then DWH and customer services and then customer services and suppliers. Everyone should be focused on customer satisfaction and know how much time they have to respond to issues and fix them. If customer service is important to the board of DWH then the SLA stats should be reported at board level.
Today, I have reported my long list of issues again, as I do every other month. I have some issues going back 18 months or more. All of a sudden I now have a plumber at my house and promises of all the other issues being fixed. Whilst I am grateful for this progress it seems silly that I should need to get so frustrated before things are fixed. That does nothing to help your reputation and probably costs a lot more money to fix. For example, I now have a damaged living room ceiling resulting from loose tiles I reported many months ago.
I won’t bore you with all the issues.
I hope you see this as positive feedback and take steps to improve your systems. As always you will be able to read all  about it on my blog later.
Nick Clarke

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