Cambridge United – much more than just a football club

We are so lucky to have Cambridge United. They are back in the football league and holding their own. In fact they are doing better than that. They have been consistently in the top third of the division.

But that is only part of it. For a small club in a small city the support of the fans is second to none. Numbers are up, as is the noise they make. Good to see them be rewarded with great results on the pitch.

The club is also involved with hundreds of young people across the county. It is part of the community and plays an active part in making a real difference to the lives of young people. I believe that this excellent work can be shared with other organisations in a number of different ways. More thinking required in this area but I could see Cambridge United linking in with some of the social work with troubled families.

But of course Cambridge United is also a business providing employment, spending money with suppliers and contributing to the local economy. Like all businesses it needs supporting, encouraging as well as investing in.

Like many businesses it is fragile and must never be taken for granted that it will always be around.

Key to the continued success of Cambridge United is its ground. In order to generate more non football revenue, which is essential these days, the facilities need to be top notch. They are not at the moment.

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