Immigration. My Radio interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Immigration is in the news. The Mayor of Calais believes our benefits system is the reason so many asylum seekers are trying to hard to get to the UK.

It is true we have a very generous benefits system that has move from being a safety net to a way of life for some.

That is but part of the issue. Other big questions need to be asked and answered.

We are a small island that is rapidly getting full. This is not about race, creed, religion or culture. It is about maths. For a long time we have had around 50m citizens but we are now racing to 70m.

The country is feeling crowded. Services are under strain. Roads are congested. Housing is in short supply and people are increasingly unhappy.

Rightly people are asking why asylum seekers who arrive in Italy or France are then allowed to come to the UK. These countries are safe. These countries are significantly larger than our small island.

The purpose of asylum is to go to a place of safety not choosing the most economically attractive country.

The open door policy of recent years is failing. But, unless we leave the EU we will never regain control of our borders. Even the asylum seekers who are granted asylum in other UK countries and subsequently gain citizenship will then have the right to come to the UK.

Some, and I am one of them, celebrate the contribution made by migrants over the years to our economy but ………. enough is enough.

I debated this issue on the Paul Stainton show today about 20 mins in.

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