Air Passenger Duty needs scrapping

The Air Passenger Duty in the UK (or more appropriately called, “the holiday tax”) is roughly £284 per family for long-haul flights?

That’s more than double what the Germans pay for the same privilege, and they’re the second highest taxed on this in Europe.

We’re being fleeced. And we’re not just being fleeced out of our cash for this “green” policy – we’re being fleeced out of jobs and inward investment into the UK.

It might be a “holiday tax” to a lot of us, but to businesses, Air Passenger Duty is a deterrent from setting up shop in Britain.

It’s a great shame, and as new, independent figures by PriceWaterhouseCoopers reveal, a reduction or scrapping of the 20-year-old tax could indeed be revenue neutral.

A tax that does not bring in additional revenue and hurts hardworking people trying to enjoy a holiday and harms business needs scrapping.

One thought on “Air Passenger Duty needs scrapping

  1. Just another Guilt Tax from the “Progressives” of the LibLabCon Europarty.

    While we keep electing thinly disguised socialist leaders, we will suffer from the “do as I say, not as I do” assaults on our entire society.


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