Drugs – legalise or not? Case not proven either way despite Lib Dems claiming otherwise.

This week the Lib Dems have made a big fuss about legalising drug use or in other words decriminalising drug use. They seem to have hijacked a reasonable report to support their own “Liberal” desire for legal drug use.

Much has been said about a new report from the Home Office. This report seems well written, based on research and a relatively easy read. Here is a link to it. Well worth a read.


Having read it all I am left confused. The report seems to suggest that all societies are different and that no single approach to drug taking can be derived from the evidence.

Where facilities are provided for drug users to use illicit drugs it seems that drug users come from far and wide to use it. Well that might be ok for the drug users but what about the local population? In Copenhagen, 50% of users came from far and wide and even from Sweden. This Center was set up deal with the problem of drug takers gathering in open spaces. An issue we don’t have in the ?UK it seems.

It points to Portugal as the success story of decriminalising drug taking. But it then qualifies it by saying it might be the focus on medical help that is achieving the results.

It does not make the case for decriminalising drug use. In fact the opposite could be true. It does clearly state that drug use is decreasing under the current policies.

So how come Lib Dem MP Julian Huppert seems to be jumping up and down claiming that decriminalising drug use is the way forward? Hmmmmm.

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