Papworth broadband update

I have just had this reply from David Wilson Homes.

“I am writing to update you on the current situation we have with the installation of Superfast Broadband on the Summersfield Development.

BT Openreach did report to us back in October that the service would be ready by the end of November 2014. However, Colin Brooks, the Sales & Customer Experience, NGA Development Solutions Manager, has today confirmed that they have a new route agreed for Power but this involves work on the Main Road. They are currently working with the Local Authority to agree dates as this requires traffic Lights to do the work.

We are continuing to chase BT Openreach regarding this and I will update you further once I have more information.”

4 thoughts on “Papworth broadband update

  1. Something you think would of been planned when they built the cabinet in the first place.

    Well since David Wilson & Barratts are now selling their houses saying they come with BT Infinity, then I expect they’ll be kicking some BT butt, before they get sued for false advertising!


  2. Is it worth pursuing Virgin Media in the mean time? There is a guy who installs Fibre for Virgin Media commenting on the Papworth Everard forum saying there is a new site manager so might be worth a try once again.


    By Motion – Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:33 am
    Well that is bad news it seems.

    However, barrat and wilson homes now have a new site manager so it may be worth trying again and seeing what Virgin Media say now.

    I will continue to ask those above me and more in the know and if i have any firm updates ill let you know.
    What ive been told at present is the summersfield estate is awaiting the council to adopt the roads before we can begin trenching to service that estate.

    BT will be there before us due to the fact they will use existing twisted copper pair to provide phone and internet services as they have the fibre cabinets already down ermine st.
    We need to narrow trench first to lay our fibre ducts to your house.
    Senior field technician, Virgin Media, Fibre to the House Installation engineer


  3. BT never cease to amaze in their ineptitude – I’ll be looking forward to seeing the developments from Virgin Media who have made enquiries regarding the estate and something you would hope spur BT on, but oh no just more delays!


  4. Hi Nick,

    is there anything we can do as a community to move things forwards. we have started the process of selling our house as I need to work remotely and struggle for net speeds and phone coverage. ideally would like to stay and wouldn’t even mind paying a premium to get a high speed service




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