Debate about debates – what a nonesense

I am astonished about all the debate about who should take part in a pre election leaders debate.

No wonder people get turned off politics.

The electorate want to hear what each party has to say so they should all be included if indeed they are a main party. There can be no doubt that UKIP, Lib Dems and Greens have enough to say and provide sufficient national candidates to take part in the debates along with the Conservatives and Labour.

The televised debate is the responsibility of the broadcasters not the politicians. The debate should be set up and if a particular leader doesn’t want to take part, for what ever reason, that is their choice and the electorate can derive what they can from the absence.

I’m afraid that the idea that one party won’t speak unless all parties can speak is just plain silly and not their responsibility. Let the broadcasters have the freedom to broadcast how they see fit without political interference.

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