Cambridgeshire Unitary authority – where is the political leadership?

Why are our politicians not stepping up to the mark and showing leadership on seeking a unitary authority for Cambridgeshire?  Why is the idea not being discussed at political group meetings across all Cambridgeshire authorities? Why are we, the public, not being consulted on the idea? Where are the motions at council to debate the issue?

i think it is clear that a single authority looking after all local services is more efficient, provides better services and costs less money than a complex multi authority set up that we have at the moment. 

At its very simplistic the principle of spending more money on public services and less on unnecessary additional chief execs pay is easy to get. And of course reducing all the many HR depts to one, many legal depts to one, etc etc makes sense.

For those seeking planning approval it would be great to only have to worry about pleasing one authority rather than many.

There seem to be two issues to deal with. A unitary authority requires less councillors so I guess we have a situation of turkeys voting for Christmas.

Secondly, a debate is required around the size of any unitary authorities. Peterborough is already a unitary, but by all evidence it is too small. Some district / city councils have the belief that they could be a unitary which I’m afraid is clearly a nonesense.   It would seem workable to have two Unitaries, one around Cambridge and the second an enlarged Peterborough. 

These two unitary authorities would be of a size that would allow them economies of scale and yet be small enough to have sufficient local feel to them.

Come on politicians, let’s hear from you. Or maybe the people will need to speak 🙂

Perhaps the media could help?

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