EU – lets us trade without political union

The United Kingdom finds itself on the eve of a General Election with, for the first time in many years, our relationship with the EU being debated. 

Many hope for the opportunity to have a vote and a say on the ever greater political union which appears to be relentless. Some require  an in/out referendum on our membership of the European Union – a decision with major implications for Britain’s relationship with America, global trade and international security. 

It is clear that the European Union was always a political project. The aims and objectives of this project have long been kept secret from the people by our past leaders. The  attempt to create a United States of Europe governed with political and judicial apparatus such as a Council of Ministers, parliament, currency, flag and central bank, without ever asking permission from the people of our great countries is nothing short of a disgrace.

It is not that the UK wants to leave the EU, but that the EU has been moving inextricably towards a a political union that the people of the UK neither asked for nor want. In effect the EU has left the UK.

The Eurozone has attempted to become a new country. This is a far cry from the Single Market that the United Kingdom signed up to. 

The UK should leave the political apparatus and enjoy a full trading relationship with Europe through the Single Market, the European Economic Area. 

This would free Europe to pursue its political project. 

It would also free Britain to take a full seat on the international global regulatory bodies that currently determine so much of global trade. 

It would strengthen the Anglosphere of great trading nations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This has enormously positive implications for global trade and international security.

It is time we stopped sleep walking towards a United States of Europe.

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