EU – is the Conservative ambition for a referendum enough?

We hear much about promises of a referendum on our relationship with the EU and associated organisations of Europe.  Of course, a referendum is very welcome but that is but the start of a process. It will be the first time the British people have had any say on the political experiment that the EU has become. 

What started as a sensible trading block has morphed into something much more akin to the United States of Europe. For most countries in the EU their is now a single currency. The courts can override ours. EU laws are made that must be obeyed by our country. People can be arrested on the say so of foreign countries.

If our great country is to return to full sovereignty then we must leave the EU. Returning to just trading with the EU is sensible, practical and achievable.

So why is the promise of a referendum just the start? Well, the cases for and against have not yet been made. The arguments have not been laid out for the people to think about. 

All we have had are the headlines used as political slogans. Parties are for or against with apocolypti consequences. 

It is likely that pressure must continue to be applied for some years to come to ensure the case for leaving is made, a referendum is held, the terms of leaving are favourable and that arrange,nets for continues trading exist.

And of course if the referendum is lost then work must be redoubled to continue to make the case for leaving. 


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