Looking to the strategic  long view rather than tactically election by election

Politics appears to be changing. Voters supporting the left or right (what ever that now means) along tribal lines may no longer be valid.

If we are to have a succession of governments with the majority having no overal control then we are likely to be faced with election bribes that are at a tactical rather than a strategic level for the foreseeable future.

The Conservatives have just promised “volunteer days” paid for by the employers. This is hardly an example of strategy. Adding another cost burden to employers doesn’t seem to fit in well with any strategy to improve business effectiveness that I am aware of.

We also hear that they are to cap rail fare increases to inflation. This will be tactically popularist but will have consequences for the long term strategic investment in our rail infrastructure. What is the steategy for our infrastructure?

Labour wish to bring back bedroom subsidies which again may appeal to some voters but can’t in anyway be seen to be a strategic policy.

The Lib Dems don’t want either the Conservatives or Labour to do very much that might move things from where we are. Just acting as a political counter weight  Is not strategic thinking.

The SNP, rightly or wrongly, want independence. This is strategic thinking. We can now reasonable expect all of their tactical policies to flow from this piece of strategy.

UKIP wish to leave the EU. Again this is a strategic goal that many of their other policies will flow from. They also want to reenergise the funding of the armed forces in these increasingly troubled times. Tactically, this will be something funded by reducing the overseas aid budget.

The great thing about strategic thinking is that it is more about the strategic outcome than the timescales of elections. Some strategies will require a long time scale and often much more than one, two or more elections. But if you are clear about your strategy it is possible to achieve it. Leaving the EU is one such example.

Flip flopping around with tactical policies around the time of the elections confuses the electorate and dilutes any strategies in place.

Can anyone layout the strategies of each of the parties for me? I’m finding it harder and harder to find them.


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