Britains net contribution to EU jumping to £11.3 billion. Time to leave the EU

It seems the Office for National Statistics believes that our fee hit a new record high of £11.3 billion. A staggering rise of £2.7 billion. 

Our net payment is now five times higher than a decade ago. 

Treasury officials appear to have got their forecasts wrong and it feels like we are losing control of this serious issue. 

The way the national contributions are worked out is wrong. It is costing us a small fortune, year in, year out. These huge sums of money could be going to provide the services the people of this country need and deserve. 

Local Authorities up and down the country have had their budgets slashed by central government resulting in services being cut. 

The amounts paid to the EU exceed the budget cuts to Local Authorities. 

These Local Authorities provide services that directly affect people’s lives. Would you rather pay this money to the unelected bureaucracy of the EU or spend it on youth services, highways, foster and adoption services, social care, mental health and care of the elderly? 

Time to leave the EU I think.


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