Why is it necessary to have EU approval to build a new power station? This is an interference in national matters

The European Commission has approved the state aid case for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point. 

Now part of me is very pleased that this is going ahead. 

We can fiddle around the edges with Green technologies and gradually watch the lights go out or satisfy the need with nuclear power stations. Nuclear provides us with lots of electricity and the technology works right now. 

Hopefully, at some time in the future, we may discover new technologies that can also provide power that is not dependent on resources running out without the issue of the waste disposal. But right now its what we need. 

On the other hand I feel very frustrated that we have had to wait for the EU commission to say we can do it. 

This is the same EU commission we had to wait for permission from to roll out super fast broadband. 

Sorry, but this is just not good enough and strengthens the need to remove ourselves from this unnecessary bureaucracy. 

A sovereign country must be allowed to build power stations when ever it needs to without going on bended knees to the EU Commission. Hinkley Point will be Britain’s first new nuclear power station in a generation. 

While there is much work still to do before a final contract can be signed, this announcement is a boost to our efforts to ensure Britain has secure, affordable low carbon electricity in the 2020s.


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