Leaving the EU will be a positive and and uplifting experience for us, whatever others may wish to tell us.

Britain is a great country. 

It has the sixth economic power in the world and is the worlds fifth military power and that does not include our nuclear capability.

Britain is a member of the G7 and the UN Security Council.

It is the home of the world’s chief city and foremost language. A language now essential for medicine, science and aviation.

We will not just survive but we can flourish as an independent nation, trading with our allies in Europe and also with older friends on more distant continents.

    Our future outside the EU is not as a nostalgic or parochial country. 

    We are a global nation, connected by language and law to every continent and archipelago.

    Our objection to the EU is precisely that it is too self-regarding, too uninterested in the rest of the world. We can do better than this.

    Brussels has suspended its free-trade talks with India, but the EFTA countries are pushing ahead.

    Brussels is conducting no trade negotiations with China, but Iceland and Switzerland have just signed FTAs with that country. 

    As the share of our exports taken by the EU falls, the costs of being bound by a common external tariff and trade policy rise.

    We all know about the waste, fraud, over regulation and lack of democratic accountability of the EU. We know the Euro has been a disaster and we know our fisheries have been desimated. 

    But what we must focus on is how much better things will be when we leave the EU and how we can again play our full part in the worlds economy.

    We must fight for our country and our people.


    One thought on “Leaving the EU will be a positive and and uplifting experience for us, whatever others may wish to tell us.

    1. JCB boss says EU exit could lift burden of bureaucracy on UK businesses

      Construction equipment firm chaired by Tory donor says warnings on job losses are scaremongering

      The top executives of JCB, one of the UK’s biggest manufacturing companies, have said Britain should vote to leave the European Union if David Cameron fails to negotiate reductions to bureaucracy that weighs down UK businesses.

      Graeme MacDonald, who runs JCB for its billionaire owners, the Bamford family, said the EU was an important market for JCB, but he dismissed concerns about the impact on business if Britain voted to leave the single market.


      Airbus sees no reason to leave if Britain quits EU

      Airbus’s chief executive said Thursday that if Britain voted to leave the European Union that would not be a reason for the European planemaker to quit the country where it employs 10,000 people.

      The comments by Fabrice Bregier run counter to those by many British business leaders who have begun a campaign against their country leaving the EU as could happen in possible 2017 referendum.

      With 90 percent of Airbus’s market outside of Europe, competitiveness is the top priority for the planemaker, Bregier said at a company event in Toulouse on Thursday.

      He said “in the UK I will look at two parameters: the exchange rate between the pound and the dollar and the second one is the UK government continuing support for the development of the aerospace industry.”

      Bregier said Airbus was very pleased with all the initiatives of the government of British Prime Minister David Cameron, and did not believe that would change if Britain left the EU.



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