Thriving outside the EU is modern thinking – freeing ourselves of old fashioned practices

Some accuse Eurosceptics of wanting to live in the 1950s, of wishing to return to times gone by. This is a nonesense.

It is the EU that is a product of the past, and it’s showing its age. 

The rest of the world has moved on, but Eurocrats remain tied to their corporatism, their belief in big blocs, their price-fixing, their protectionism against Google and Uber and Apple. 

Britain can do better. We are a restless, bold, inventive nation. We are risk takers, entrepreneurs, explorers and thinkers. 

Why remain in the world’s only stagnant customs union?

Lots of trade unionists dislike the EU because of the immiseration of southern Europe. 

Lots of democratic socialists, echoing Tony Benn, shudder at the elitist and autocratic nature of the Brussels institutions. 

Lots of Britons from Commonwealth backgrounds resent the way that they have difficulty bringing auntie over for a wedding when we have open borders for EU nationals with no connection to the UK. 

A fairer deal for the Commonwealth is one of the great prizes of a post-EU future, and we should celebrate this opportunity.


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