Is the EU working? Not for the UK it isn’t.

Many say that the EU is not working. But can that sweeping statement be the complete story? Probably not. If we examine the concept of political union across the EU it is working for some. 

Germany has gained more control over the working of Europe than it could ever have hoped for. 

The EU works for countries, like France, who appear to enjoy regulation and have socialist DNA. Jobs for life, state controlled rents and leases, absolute workers job protection can win votes in France but fail the French economy.

Our neighbours in the East of Europe see the massive handouts from the EU as free money to build their economies. Being able to leave a poor village and work in a rich country, like the UK, and then return home with the spoils makes huge sense from their perspective. Being able to turn to the European Courts to seek safety from their own leaders and immature democratic cultures makes sense. The EU clearly works for them. 

Fishermen from countries with limited shorelines enjoy plundering the seas around the UK as an EU right. The EU clearly works for them.

But what is in the EU relationship for the UK? 

We are a stable and mature democracy.

We have an independent judiciary with the freedom to uphold our rights.

We had and could recover the capability to fish our own territorial waters to our benefit.

We don’t like beurocracy, waste, inefficiency.

We have mixed political views not tied to the damp blanket of socialism. Socialism that has had a poor track record across the world through out time.

We are a resourceful and independent minded country very able to stand on its own two feet in a world that extends way past the boarders of the EU.

We now need out politicians to have the same confidence as we do. The confidence to run our own country. The confidence to negotiate and manage our own trade agreements worldwide. The confidence to be a country agile in its decision making, protected from downbeat socialist ideas of equality across the EU. The confidence to regain control of our borders and take decisions that benefit our people not just those of Europe.

In short, the UK can do very much better than we are doing at the moment outside of the EU. 

And we must never forget. It is us, the taxpayers of the UK who are funding much of the “free” money that others enjoy in the EU.

Time to leave.


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