The EU referendum will be all about confidence.

Our relationship with the EU has been kept under review by the people of the UK for some time. From losing our exclusive fishing rights to the ban on bent bananas, from unelected officials to unlimited migration the EU has always provoked unease. 

We have been conditioned to keep our concerns under wraps by successive governments. To speak out against the EU has been seen to be anti establishment and not correct behaviour. 

If we listened to the now discredited Lib Dems any talk against the EU was met with accusations of potentially causing job losses, questioning the security of Europe and in some way holding back business and prosperity.

Many people feel the need for a radical change but ……… will they have the confidence to vote for change? 

I think the EU referendum will be all about confidence not just the issues. Instinctively I would suggest most people know that our current relationship with Europe, through the EU, is wrong and needs changing. 

But  those who wish to remain in the EU will have a significant advantage and that is inertia. The status quo, or no decision to leave the EU is the default position. It feels safe even if it is holding us all back.

So the referendum will be all about confidence. Confidence that change can be achieved. Confidence that the UK can manage its own trade deals and that our trade with the EU will continue. Confidence that our political leaders are up to the job governing the UK in a fair and effective way.

The risk is that our current Prime Minister will undermine that confidence. He will overtly and covertly drip feed the fear that leaving the UK will be damaging to all of us. 

So all of us who want to leave the EU must seek to build confidence. This must start by ensuring we , who are the advocates of leaving the EU, speak with moderation, conviction and common sense. Anything less will harm confidence.


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