EU – Migrants and free movement of people across EU. A big mistake and one we will live to regret.

The EU seems to have got itself into a bit of a mess over migrants. It is clear the UK has lost control of its own boarders.

The EU has a rule that allows unrestricted movement of people who are EU citizens across the EU. On the face of it that could be seen as a positive to help manage skill shortages across the EU. 

Unfortunately, the movement of people has been less about skills and skill shortages and more about poor Eastern European people wanting to move to the richer parts, like the UK, to seek economic advantage. 

Instead of encouraging economic development across the EU what has happened is the rich countries have had a massive and rapid influx of culturally diverse people. This has resulted in UK communities being left unsettled and worried about the British culture being diluted, infrastructure tested by sheer demand and a general feeling that the UK has become too crowded. 

Giving 500 million EU citizens, many of whom are unskilled, the right to live in the UK was a naive decision which needs reversing. At the same time, in an attempt to keep the lid on the numbers of people coming to this country , we have seen a clamp down on non EU migrants. These non EU migrants often have high skill levels we need.

The UK should be able to welcome who it wants and needs and say no to others. It will need to justify these decisions to our people and companies and if wrong decisions are made then UK politicians can be voted out of office. The unelected European Commission is not accountable to anyone, let alone the people of the UK.

As technologies emerge from around the world we want the ability to attract that technology to the UK. We want to be able to welcome those who have created these opportunities. It seems ridiculous that we can’t because of the possibility of thousands of low skill workers from the EU are descending on us. It is ridiculous that the UK can’t make its own trade agreements with other countries and has to work through the EU.

Currently we are seeing asylum seekers from Lybia paying criminals to take them to Italy. Why are we surprised that this is a growing problem? Poor people wanting to move to rich countries is not a surprise. 

What is daft is the EU already signalling it will take each and everyone who can make it across the water. The prize is obviously worth the risk. Seeking asylum should not be seen as an alternative to seen as an alternative to following normal immigration rules and procedures.

Asylum seekers should remain in the first country that provides a safe haven for them. But the EU seems to think and act like a single country rather than lots of sovereign states and want to send the asylum seekers to all EU countries. 

The UK has opted out of taking them but that is a symbolic action. As soon as any asylum seeker has been granted citizenship of any EU country they will be free to travel to the UK. We cannot stop them.

We must learn from Australia who until recently had the same problem. The robustly turned boats away. They made it clear that the possibility of successfully settling in Australia, by pitching up in boats without following the correct immigration process was zero. As a result the number trying has dropped significantly.


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