10 Reasons why we must leave the EU

1. The EU is committed to ever closer political  union.

 The UK is an independent, successful nation that prides itself in free thinking and innovation. We do not need the politics of the EU to subsume our own culture, identity or institutions.
Our own political system is not perfect but it is ours and our politicians are accountable to us at the ballet box. 

The EU has created  mechanisms for forcing ever closer union, such as the ‘ratchet clauses’.  The symbology and the EU mechanism for ever closer politicicsl union is designed to reduce our national identity.

2. The EU continues to increase the burden of regulation on businesses

Businesses that do not export to the EU are bound by EU regulation as if they do. 

The legislative burdens that currently define the CAP and CFP are unfair and act against the interest of the UK.

3. Control over social and employment regulation must be decided by nation states not the EU

The EU increased its remit beyond the narrow needs of a purely common market into “the social dimension of Europe” many years ago.  The UK, once again, must be free from the Social Chapter, and the UK Parliament must be free to adapt social and employments laws to meet social needs.

4. EU financial laws are damaging

EU laws have become extremely expensive and damaging for the UK’s financial sector.

5. The EU is not capable of securing comprehensive free trade deals

The EU has a very poor record at securing trade deals with other countries. 

The UK is capable of putting in place effective unilateral trade deals with the US, India, China and emerging markets. These deals would already be in place if it were not for the EU.

6. The Eurozone has been a disaster

The Eurozone is doomed whether Greece leaves or stays.  The UK has only a timed opt out of the Euro. The EU fully expects and requires the UK to join the Euro at some point.

Expecting a single currency with common interest rates to work across different countries with very different economies and cultures was bound to cause huge pressures. Greece is experiencing them now and others will follow.

7. The UK contributes too much to the EU Budget

Between 2003 and 2013 the UK’s net contributions to the EU increased from £3bn to £11bn.

It is clear that the EU will not allow  a clear ongoing commitment to a real terms fall in the UK contribution, back towards 2003 levels.

8. The EU has a lack of transparency laws 

EU spending is opaque and secretive, allowing misuse. UK reforms, such as the requirement to publish information on all Government spending over £500 and Government contracts over £25,000, should serve as a template for EU spending.

9. Control over migration policy must be decided by nations not the EU

Unrestricted migration from the EU is causing political, social and economic stresses in the UK. This will require an EU treaty change which is almost certainly not possible. Leaving the EU is likely to be the only possible way of reclaiming our borders.

The UK must be free to decide who is allowed to cross our borders. A points based system, based on the Australian model makes sense. 

10. Decisions must be made in the interests of the UK not the EU

Many decisions of the EU are made for the majority of EU members but not necessarily in the interests of the UK. 

Returning to us governing ourselves in our own interests is essential.


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