Adding funding for Intelligence Services to Defence spending to meet NATO Defence spending commitments is dishonest at best 

Much has been done over recent years to make the secret services more open and accountable. This has been achieved with out compromising the activities of the service.

We have MI5 (internal security) and MI6 (overseas).

MI5 comes under the control of the Home Office and MI6 is controlled by the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

That was true until the budget yesterday when it seems that funding for these services would now be counted towards the Defence spending in order to meet the NATO target of 2% of GDP to be spent on Defence.

This feels like smoke and mirrors to meet the target whilst not having to actually spend any more money on our armed forces. This does not feel honest not support our brave military personnel.

It could have a real impact. With a combined budget if the threat in the UK increases funding for our soldiers might reduce. It might also work the other way round. If we spend more on another overseas war then our security at home could be put in danger.

The Chancellor is playing games with our security and it’s not Good enough.


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