Record levels of immigration destroying social cohesion

I  believe in a strong multi-ethnic society united by an attachment to Britain and British identity. I believe that the doctrine of multiculturalism has worked completely against this.

Multiculturalism has separated people, discouraged integration and led to an unacceptable fragmentation of our society. Questioning of other cultures, religions or traditions has been frowned upon and in some cases is not allowed.

It is unacceptable that extremist attitudes are growing. It is bizarre that some people are growing up in Britain with no sense of attachment to this country.

We must  make it clear that immigration on the scale it has been happening is the enemy of true integration.

It is simply impossible to integrate such numbers. And for those coming to our country, there is little incentive or need to integrate in a situation where there are effectively ready-made communities. A sense of separateness is then further entrenched.

While we remain in the EU, we cannot control our borders.


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